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Inside Darwins Origin of Species Books That Changed the World

Inside Darwins Origin of Species Books That Changed the World
Inside Darwins Origin of Species Books That Changed the World

On this year’s top 10 new species list are a sneezing monkey, abeautiful but venomous jellyfish, an underworld worm and a fungusnamed for a popular TV cartoon character. The top 10 new speciesalso include a night-blooming orchid, an ancient walking cactuscreature and a tiny wasp. Rounding out this year’s list are avibrant poppy, a giant millipede and a blue tarantula. “The top 10 is intended to bring attention to the biodiversitycrisis and the unsung species explorers and museums who continue a250-year tradition of discovering and describing the millions ofkinds of plants, animals and microbes

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